Making the most of webinars for B2B event marketing

Webinars play an important role in B2B event marketing. If you haven’t already considered using them in your company – now’s the time! Not only are they a great way to generate leads, they also help you build valuable relationships with your customers.

Taking the time to develop an effective strategy for using webinars as one of your marketing tools will help build an engaging and influential platform that will reach people all over the world.

Here are some useful tips on producing an inspirational webinar:


  • Send an invitation email. This is an opportunity to approach your audience and convey what they will learn, as well as why it is valuable to sign up. Highlight the Q&A session with an option for asking a question in advance – this will ensure their attendance later. And make sure your ‘Register for Free’ CTA button stands out!

  • Circulate reminders early (particularly if plugins need…

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Hashtags for B2B Event Marketing: 4 Tips for Success

Social Media Hashtag SuccessHashtags are an essential part of your event marketing toolkit – but as with any tool, you need to know how to handle them correctly for maximum effectiveness. Used right, they can benefit everyone involved in the show, and possibly go viral in the social media world. With hashtags now appearing on Google+, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and even Facebook, there is no reason not to invest your time in learning this social media skill.

Attendees following your event hashtag can generate new connections, interact with speakers or exhibitors, and share their own commentary, images, videos and other highlights of the show, offering a fantastic stream of content that can maximize your event visibility within their industry. Exhibitors and speakers can generate extra buzz around their appearance at the event and draw more visitors; people who aren’t attending the show yet can view a stream of persuasive testimonials that might just compel them to sign up for days 2 and…

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