Making the most of webinars for B2B event marketing

Webinars play an important role in B2B event marketing. If you haven’t already considered using them in your company – now’s the time! Not only are they a great way to generate leads, they also help you build valuable relationships with your customers.

Taking the time to develop an effective strategy for using webinars as one of your marketing tools will help build an engaging and influential platform that will reach people all over the world.

Here are some useful tips on producing an inspirational webinar:


  • Send an invitation email. This is an opportunity to approach your audience and convey what they will learn, as well as why it is valuable to sign up. Highlight the Q&A session with an option for asking a question in advance – this will ensure their attendance later. And make sure your ‘Register for Free’ CTA button stands out!

  • Circulate reminders early (particularly if plugins need to be installed) and remember to clearly state the time zone to avoid any confusion on the day.

  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Always important for smooth delivery and a professional presentation.

The Webinar

  • A clear introduction. Start with a well-written, professional introduction by the presenter or the moderator that sets the tone for the webinar. It is also a good idea to tell the audience about the Q&A session and let them know at what point it will be during the webinar.

  • Visual content. Usually the audience cannot see the presenter, so make sure you include compelling slides that keep the viewers’ attention. Either change the slides regularly or make sure they are animated every 10-15 seconds to keep the content visually stimulating.

  • Encourage interaction. Online polls keep the viewers involved and offer a way to gain feedback from the participants.

  • Remember Twitter. Your webinar is an opportunity to display your event hashtag and Twitter handle. Your slides could even include short, tweetable quotes.

Follow up

  • Re-engage your audience. Take the time to email your webinar attendees thanking them for participating, and include a recording and copy of the presentation. Invite them to connect with you on social media.

  • Feedback. Ask your audience to complete a short survey to shape new content for upcoming webinars.

  • Add it to your website. Keep the webinar buzz going by posting further answers to any questions that weren’t included on the day. Use a CTA to keep people informed of the next webinar.

If you have any other tips on creating inspirational webinars then please feel free to share them in the comments below